1956 Pontiac Custom Safari

Color Combinations

The following table comes from the 56 Pontiac dealer's book.  See Trim Codes for definition of the interior colors offered with exterior colors.   Trim Codes for the Safari are 276 (Beige leather) 275 (Beige leather/nylon), 278 (blue leather), and 277 (blue leather/nylon).  The other trim codes are for the Star Chief Catalinas.



Although Pontiac offered many colors in 1956, only four colors and seven exterior colors combinations were available for the Safari:

Sandlewood (an off-white with a very slight beige tint).  Single color.

Sun Beige. Single color.

Sandlewood over Sun Beige.

Sun Beige over Sandlewood.

Catalina Blue.  Single color

Catalina blue over Nimbus Grey.  Nimbus Grey appears to have a very slight bluish tint to it.

Nimbus Grey over Catalina Blue.


Original single color Safaris seem to be rare.  I have not seen one but someone told me they knew of a white one, which would have been Sun Beige (almost white).